Dream of the Woods

(Imperfect) Find Yourself

$10 $26

This print contains a slight imperfection either in a small corner bend or dot of misplaced ink, and is being sold on sale as a way to decrease waste of otherwise good products and materials. No product with imperfections too noticeable will be sold.

Find yourself and the rest will find you - a phrase that rings true for us again and again and again.

We, the shop owners Michael and Larissa, say often that we met at just the right time in our lives. Years earlier - a couple, even - and we wouldn't have been ready to fall in love. Before meeting we both took some time on our own paths, not searching for love, but instead getting to know ourselves. Then, when we finally crossed paths, we could say "Hello, it's nice to meet you. This is me." Find yourself and the rest will find you.


Frame not included.

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